Business Formation

Business Formation

Business formation is often the first major step for entrepreneurs establishing new companies, since your business structure can be used to secure financing, executives and other major pillars holding up a company. We can help you get a solid business structure in place so that you can provide your organization with the best possible chance of success. Entrepreneurs are not afraid to take risks, but it’s still a good idea to nail down your business structure prior to launch. Your business type is a good way to begin, and each business incorporation—whether a sole proprietorship, partnership, LLC or even a non profit—has its own pros and cons. How you decide to incorporate is going to come down to taxation, record-keeping and liability.

If you’re ready to structure your business, we can walk you through the steps. Once that’s done, you can start lining up the details of your taxation and record-keeping. If it gets a little complicated, you might want to consider speaking with an attorney experienced in business formation.  And if you feel like you need some professional advice, we can help you find a lawyer anytime.

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